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Friday, March 03, 2006
[MSG] Big Hillside Trip!!


During the Chinese New Year, I bought my family to a big hillside trip
I believe everyone should know....
Oh!! Originally was feeling happy about travelling
Little did I expect that it all got blured by rumours
Forget it!! There isn't any choice when being an artiste!!
Won't bother about it so much anymore! I am here to share my joyous experience with everyone !!
Who cares about what those nosy newspapers and magazine write about
Do you have pictures as evidence???!!!
Hahaha You dont!!
But my cute fans are unlike you!!
They can see my precious pictures!! What you gonna do!!??
(But it seems like Selina's reporters can also see this blog....)
Haha I am going crazy

I'll share some photos where I went to the Worldwide Reflection City first!!

Image 1: A photo of me and my family infront of a snoopy restuarant (Mother Ren's happy!!)
Image 2: Sister Ren and myself with snoopy!! (Isn't it cute?)
Image 3: Reward Offered!! Did the guy from Shen Qiang Shou MV walk out? ( Was deciding whether I should post this picture, afterall there would be damage to my exquisite image.....)
Image 4: Beside the water ski, a very thoughtful machine that would barbeque your butt!! Afterall in a place that is not even up to 5 degrees would make your pants wet and would produce frozen farts!!
Image 5: This picture wasn't easy to take with the three characters from snoopy!! Am I cuter or are they cuter!!
....... I Don't know but I do know that their face is bigger than mine yo!! Hehe

Originally posted on 2006/3/3 at 12:47:00

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