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Sunday, March 05, 2006
[MSG] Big Hillside Trip 3!!


Welcome to the SHREK's series!!
Image 1: Princess FIONA!! I want to get married!!Image 2: I am SHREK~~~~~
Image 3: Haha I am DONKEY!! In addition, I've grown a tail on my head
Image 4: Hehe All of you don't know that I am actually an alien!! Hehe Or am I actually a magician? This, I don't really know~~~~~
Image 5: This most exaggerating thing is that even a crab shop had a crab hat!! And I am just like a normal tourist, wearing it instantly!! The scariest thing is that the 7 of us were standing infront of the shop taking pictures with the hats on...... Why didn't I post it?? Because it is too embarrassing!! Did it damage our image as an artiste!! Haha
Originally posted on 2006/3/5 at 02:24:00

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