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Friday, March 03, 2006
[INFO] 2006 S.H.E JR Keys

Let S.H.E Jr. Open The Door For You

S.H.E's latest merchandise for 2006 is the Q version Key chain + Coloured Key.
The Coloured Key can be modelled at your nearest locksmith for your own convinience.
Every set comes with 3 Key chains + 3 Coloured Keys for 298NT(New Taiwan Dollars)
These Key chains and Coloured Keys are limited to only 5000 sets.

Release Date: 21/2/2006 (Taiwan)
Release Date: Unconfirmed (Singapore)

Prices: 298 NT (Taiwan)
$14.90 (Singapore)

Location(Taiwan): Merchandises can be purchased at any 7-11 store or at http://www.books.com.tw/exep/cdfile.php?item=0020107937
Location(Singapore):Unconfirmed (Singapore)

For other countries, S.H.E Jr. Keys can be purchased over the net.

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