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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
[MSG] This Year Is So Enriched


Celebrating Chinese New Year has ended
Work starts from today

Still suffered from a little insomnia yesterday
This year’s Chinese New Year was so happy
Did a lot of things for my family when I went back to Ping
Went to B&&Q and Family Happiness quite a lot of times
All because I wanted to help clean the bathroom

Changed for a new mirror desk and mirror
There is even an additional bath curtain
Everything is done by myself
There’s a sense of satisfaction
Father and Mother are also very satisfied

Super happy
This time’s Biggest World BBQ was really big
There were about 50 people
Faeces Bi and her Father and Mother came too

That night, everyone was very high

We even had Little Model Tail Tooth
That is, my family of 6 had each prepared a gift
And had to go through a lucky draw

To win the present
It is a top quality jade

My mother could only say that I had good fortune
She even said she had a feeling that I would draw it

I just mocked at my sister and brother

Neither of them had good fortune
Ha Ha Ha

This year, every child were at home
Everyone didn’t go out

Everyone is accompanying mother and playing poker cards
And I even lost about 5 thousand dollars

It is really family thief
Especially when it was my mother
She wouldn’t even let go of our precious guest Faeces Bi

Really can’t believe it
Ha Ha Ha

This year’s Chinese New Year, I even went to Bintan Island with my friends
We even went to Singapore for one day
Saw a rare parade and fireworks

It had really left a deep impression
So happy
Very blessed this year
Hope that this whole year would be just as blissful

Originally posted on February 7, 2006 at 01:02:00

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