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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
[MSG] Squeezing In Bed No Matter What


For the whole of February, we have been working mostly in China
Our travelling schedule was completely full which was very tiring
Waking up earlier than a farmer every morning so as to catch the earliest flight to different cities
Everyday accepting over 10 interviews
In this picture, though we were all very tired but we couldn't bear to sleep
Because it was our last day of our busy schedule....
We insisted on chatting for awhile before going to sleep
Because we will be starting our holidays when we fly back to Taiwan
Each of us have our own plans
Although we haven't split, although we are going to be separated for just a short period of time
We have already started missing
Missing each other, missing all of you
But the holidays will still take place
And that is why we squeezed into one bed that night.

Originally posted on 2006/2/28 at 04:12:00

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