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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
[MSG] New Year's New Wishes

Selina Hebe Ella

By the time you read this special column, it is already the first day of Chinese New Year! Firstly, S.H.E wishes everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year! May everyone be prosperous in the year of the Dog! Fellow citizens, hurry up for those who need to pray to the Tai Sui otherwise take the opportunity of this year’s Chinese New Year Holidays to go out and play! At this moment, the 3 of us are finally not sticked to each other… Everyone is at their home country accompanying their families for the New Year and enjoying this rare holiday.

During the Chinese New Year, New Year scrolls must be pasted up and lucky words must be said! S.H.E can’t be at your house to help you write the New Year scrolls and to visit. So we only can offer our beautiful images to accompany everyone during the New Year! (Disgusting…) These are the New Year scrolls we wrote as a gift for the audience for a certain television network. In order to make that fan feel not only happy, we specially let everyone see ourgenuine sign, making everyone happy together! There is also our dog there to accompany everyone for the New Year! Woof! Woof! Rearing a dog during the Year of the Dog is a must!

New Year’s new wishes! On this first day of Chinese New Year, we want to inform everyone about our New Year’s wishes!


  1. Hope that I, my family and friends will have good health all year round! As well as to live the year happily.
  2. Slim! Slim! Slim! Must succeed in losing weight this year!
  3. To become a talented pretty maiden, I want to learn to sew!


  1. Must stop constipation! Excrement smoothly! The poison inside my body should be lessened by a bit right?
  2. I want to grow taller! Hope that God would give me a second chance for growth and development! Let me be taller a little bit more!
  3. Hope that there would be more time for me to accompany my family and also to go overseas to travel!


  1. Good health! To stop getting hurt!
  2. Hope that we can open a new concert this year and let everyone see our all new performance!
  3. Must try hard to look for a good man that loves me!
Originally posted on January 29, 2006

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