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Friday, February 10, 2006
[MSG] Ha!

Selina Hebe Ella

Not long ago was Xiao Zhou – Zhou Jie Lun’s birthday! Being his good friends, we went to celebrate together with him! That day, everyone thought of playing a small joke on him… At the beginning, there weren’t many people present. Because everyone wanted to make him feel like he didn’t have much friends, so we didn’t bother to care about him and also didn’t want to help him celebrate his birthday! There were only about 2 to 3 people! Early comers like us only had the choice to take pictures with him but after awhile, we couldn’t stand it… Ha! It is because the atmosphere was a little &^#@... Not until the second half of the time that everyone finally appeared, and only then did the atmosphere get hot! This picture here is of us and our makeup artiste, A Do! As to where is the birthday boy? Ha! Not gonna let you see…

Ai La PS1: Makeup artiste A Do, we want to help him prove that his real name is actually Du Guo Zhang! It is only because we always all him Du Chen Yi,(Because singer A Do is too famous…) that is why his primary school classmate called him up one day to ask that if he had changed his name… Ha! Ha!

Xi Bi PS1: This person, Mr Do is the one that Chen Jia Hua secretly liked when we first stepped into the Entertainment Circle… Don’t look at his kind and friendly fatherly look… He is really caring and really knows how to make us laugh!

Ai La PS2: Aiyo… Stop mentioning it! You guys are always matchmaking me with someone… What is going on?

Picture 1 Guess who these two are?

Picture 2 Riddle Announced!

There was once when Sai Lin Na and Xi Bi purposely wore Couple’s Outfit, and suddenly found out that the zip could go so long, thus decided to play a boring act…
This boring act nearly caused the two of us to choke. Just what was all that for? I think for the sake of the numerous movie fans, we just resigned to fate and dedicate everything! He! He!

Originally posted on February 6, 2006

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