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Monday, February 13, 2006
[MSG] Decent Group?

Selina Hebe Ella

1. Picture of Selina lying flat at the airport

2. Selina finally wakes up...

Caretaker Ella reads: So humiliated! How could anyone possibly sleep like that at the airport? Even though being so tired, she still can raise her leg! So ugly! Doesn’t even take her image into consideration! This is a public place! Miss Sai Lin Na, even if you don’t care about your personal image, you still have to take this group, S.H.E’s images into consideration otherwise other people will think that we are indecent, sleeping anywhere!
Selina retorts: It’s boring! The airplane is always so early! Have to wait to check in anyway! What else is there to do other than sleeping? Even though I slept flatly with my legs raised, I did cover my face! Nobody knows that it’s S.H.E! Also, EXCUSE ME… May I ask, did anyone ever think that S.H.E is a decent group? So it doesn’t matter if I sleep for awhile!

3.The beautiful and strong, Miss Tian Xi Bi!

4.「Mouse is actually Mickey Mouse...

Hebe: Hello everyone, I am 2006’s most muscled, body most perfected beautiful and strong lady! Welcome everyone to come observe my muscles during all my hard work these years! It is commonly referred as Little Mouse! Ella: HerLittle Mouse is Mickey Mouse! It’s so cute!

5. Hebe + Ella demonstrates the Hurt expression!

Ella’s paternal aunt + Hebe’s paternal aunt reveals: Being Hurtis when your integrity is being insulted or when your internal spirit gets hurt. Today, this is what these two paternal aunts demonstrates Sleep exhaustionexpression!

Ella: Look at my pair of jeans which matches with my blouse, does it have the look of those very handsome and very skinny Japanese street style model guys?
Hebe: Oh please… You eat till you’ve become so fat! Is that called skinny? Doesn’t even look one bit like those model guys!
Ella: #﹪*&…. (Ella has already fallen down…)
Hebe: Everyone, did you see that? Ella has fallen down on the floor because she’s being Hurt… The most marrow action is that one hand must touch the stomach, facial expression must also be warpped!

Originally posted on February 13, 2006

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